Old PA Site Archive

For anyone looking for the old site. We have archived it here:

The forum software running this old site was woefully out-of-date and frankly the site was pretty much dead from lack of postings. We hope that members will take a look at our new forum running on a top end forum (Discourse - https://www.discourse.org). This new forum has a linear page design (no clicking through pages), easy image uploads direct to your post, Facebook login support, mobile friendly and about 100 more features. Suffice to say as a web developer this thing is light years ahead of where we were. Added to that we are hosted on an Amazon Lightsail server as well.

Hopefully enough of you will give this a go and bring back this once stable community. We will, when needed, be looking at bringing on forum moderators as well. You can contact me if you are interested in that sort of thing.