Mexican Vehicle DN-III - APC

Hello friends!

Here is another of my last works.

This is the DN-III - APC from Model Fiber in 1/35 scale. Model Fiber is a made in Mexico resin kit. The kit coming with some failures as the wheels protectors which they coming incompletes and / or bad finished. All front and side port of vision they not have good detail. Some pieces are missing.Finally the hull it have some holes in order to fill them. This kit was a little disaster!

The side mudguards were re-constructed. I re-worked the periscopes with styrene and details with soldering and another small periscope. I removed the lights front because they are oversized and added rounds and handles. I added the hooks and screws of the center plate. I detailed the righ side and soldering, the hatches, handles, muffler and grill. The lights are from Greif Co.

The model was painted with Vallejo Model Air acrylics. For the great lack of information I applied a camouflage and modifications that I saw and I remember from many years ago but just as it has flaws but the goal is to have fun and I did. This time without weathering because the Mexican vehicles normally are inmaculate.