1/35 Zvezda SU-85

I am so hoping that this will be an easy to use forum. Facebook killed the forums because of image hosting. FB is so easy to upload pics and the forums used to be such a pain. Let’s hope it catches back on.


How did it go? Easy to upload I hope.

Is this one of their newer releases or an older one? Looks good so far!

Nice!, current work?


It was very easy. Definitely going to use this forum from now on.

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It is the new SU-85 from Zvezda. It was a pretty good kit. Detail and fit is there. Plastic was a little hard and the surface was glass smooth. I had to texture the armor plates.

Well tell your online modeling friends as we need to build up the userbase again and having more people trying it out will help. :wink:

Look forward to seeing the project going forward.


The Zvezda kit looks pretty sharp in detail.
Look forward to seeing more work Dennis.
Excellent effort.
Not sure if you have the same problem on FB but I keep losing the articles on FB. Once you post something it moves away and disappears into oblivion.


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Finally finished construction. Not sure why but it just seemed to never end. Put on my favorite primer, Stynlrez.

I will do my best to make progress and post as much as I can. I really want to see an internet forum succeed.


Nice color, Badger Stynylrez good choice!


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I am trying something new. I highlighted with yellow, light yellow and tire black. I noticed when I highlight with white the green 4bo comes out pastel. I want a richer color so I went with yellow.


Sorry, been away for awhile. Life happened and Inhad to move my modeling desk to a much better space with better lighting.

Anyway, I did get some work done. Got the base coat laid down with Mission Models paint.

The decal film was very visible so I sprayed it with a thin layer of the base coat and hand painted the white lettering. I think it came out pretty good.

Started doing some washes to add shadows.