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Vallejo paint question

Hello PA! I hate making these threads since I know people are gonna go "Oh man, not a thread like this again!". The thing is that I want to start painting my models with Vallejos paint range instead of Humbrol paints, which I have been using all my life.

My problem: I'm in the process of starting to paint a Soviet captured Panther (the ones with green repainted turrets).
I have tried to make out what paint numbers to use for Soviet & German WW2 when it comes to both Model color and model air (Model color for chipping etc). It's just a jungle to me. I know there isnt just one color match for lets say Soviet green or German dark yellow. But I want the best match possible. Is there anyone here who can help me with the paint match for these? Or should I go for Tamiya paints for the base + camouflage and then just do the shipping with Model color?

Hope somebody can help me out!

// Henrik
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Henrik, I use these ModelAir colours for German tri-tonal camo. I can't say if they're the best match possible, but they serve me well.

I tone down everything using heavily thinned Sand Yellow afterwards, before proceeding with weathering.

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