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Lend Lease M2

Hi Guys,
I am currently building Dragon's M2 half track as a lend lease vehicle in Soviet service during WW2. I need to know if the U.S. radios would have been installed or not, and if not did the Soviets have their own radio installed? TIA.
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Alex, Did the Soviets get the M2? I never knew this? Dan
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Dan, they sure did

Sorry Alex, I can't help you on your Q, but I'm very interested in the outcome.
Any pics yet?
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Hi Guys, No pics as yet, just in the early construction stage. The picture in the top of the link that you posted Jan is the vehicle that I will be doing. I have a colour profile in Lend lease Volume 2 by Militaria No 135. the half track has two tone camo with small bird insignia on the sides and front grille top, and what appears to be a large white circle on the bonnet. I hope to have it finished for our wheels and tracks competition in late March.
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Originally Posted by schweinhund View Post
Hmmmm, not to be a nit picker but that link is very misleading. Not all those vehicles are M2's.

While the vehicle in the top photo does appear to be an M2, look at the very bottom photo, the rounded rear corners are clearly traits of an M5/M9 variant, (rear door makes it an M9A1 I believe) yet it's labeled as an M2. The two middle photos are harder to tell but I always thought that all lend lease half tracks were International Harvester manufactured ?

As for the radio question I would think the Russians would install their own radio . . . although I may be mistaken.

I know what reference books I will be scouring through tonight !


EDIT: "The first M2s were fielded in 1941, and would be used in the Philippines, North Africa, and in Europe by the US Army, and around the Pacific by the USMC. About 800 M2 and M9 halftracks were sent to the Soviet Union. "

Guess they did get M2's

Build how you like, like how you build.

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