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Hi again Dragan

I try to find here your e-mail but maybe i donīt look very well because i canīt find it

Please send me a mail, and in that way i can send you the photos


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Sorry for the mistake Shermies,

In the book The Battle of the Bulge, says that this Panther M-10 sufred this modifications:

In the rear they added a sheet metal structure to the hull and turret.

Between the false Us bumper codes are the XY markings intended to identify Panzer Brigade 150 to german traffic police.

Sheet metal mantlet cover added over the Pantherīs mantlet in the hopes of creating the false impression of an american M10 tank destroyer

Changes to the Panther turret, especilly the substitution of a simple split hatch for the normal cupola. This was a source of compleint during training at Grafenwohr, as the crews felt it offered too little protection for the tank commander

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