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Old 09-08-2013, 06:23 PM
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A little bit of everything

I am getting a head start on a possible move overseas, so the these are kits that need to go, I do not want to pay to store them. Payment via PayPal or Money Order/Bank Draft only. Shipping is extra from 98277 to the lower 48 states. To Canada will be your call, it is getting expensive. Shipping outside of Conus is too expensive and a pain in the buttocks so no thanks, sorry. I will not break up kits/AM. If you ask for a ship quote and I box the kit and send you a quote, please let me know if you are still interested in the deal. I still have kits boxed and ready to go from back in April, but apparently the gents who were interested got recalled up to the mother ship or were vaporized and can no longer communicate. The only trades I am interested in are Navy Aircraft, thanks. BO/BO=Box/Bags Open or No Bags, F/S=Factory Sealed, BO/BS=Box Open/Bags Factory Sealed. E-Mail me at RSM6bw(at)yahoo(dot)com.

ARMOR 1/35

Merkava Mk. II #1351 BO/BS with Legends Turret Basket #LFP1055, Fruil Merkava II
Tracks $45

M3/M5/M8 VVS Suspension Set #33056 BO/BS $10--Pending Payment

Afrika Corps Figures 39-45 #6063 BO/BS $5
M-51 Premium Israeli Sherman #3539 BO/1 Bag Open but complete with Aber 35034 and
Eduard 35931 PE Sets $35

SdKfz 234/2 Puma #202 BO/No Bags Complete $10
Commando Car #320 BO/NB $10
M-47 #792 BO/BS with Eduard 35718 PE and AFV T80E-1 Tracks #35036 $25--Pending Payment

Master Box
German Infantry Panzergrenadiers 39-42 BO/BS $10

Mini Art
Building Accessories BO/BS $10--Pending Payment

German Assault Infantry #256 BO/BS $5
German Kampfpanzer Leopard #MM-164A F/S $15
German SdKfz 232 8 Rad #MM136 BO/BS with Eduard 35060, Airwaves #AW35006 PE Sets,
New Connection Funkwagen SdKfz 263 Conversion $25
German SdKfz 232 8 Rad #MM136A BO/BS with New Connection SdKfz 233 75mm Howitzer
Conversion $25--Pending Payment
German SdKfz 7/1 w/20mm Flakvierling BO/BO Inventoried Complete with Aber 35L-03x 2cm
Flak 38 Barrels, R&J Maybach HL-42 Engine #35251, R&J SdKfz 7 front Wheels, Eduard 35183 &
35463 PE Sets, Tank Workshops 8 Ton Halftrack Front Wheels, Model Kasten K-20 Indy Track
Links $40

T-66 Sherman HVSS Tracks F/S $10
JS-3M #00316 F/S $18
JGSDF Type 96 WAPC B #5569 F/S $25
VRC-105 Centauro RCV #0388 BO/BS & Panzer Art Resin Wheels RE35-156 $03
M1135 Stryker NBC RV #1560 BO/BS with Panzer Art Resin Wheels #RE35-123 $30
M1126 Stryker #0375 BO/BS with Trumpeter M1126 Upgrade #6603, ET Model Resin Wheels
#ER35-010 $30
M1127 Stryker Recon #0395 BO/BS with Resin Wheel Set (dont remember manufacturer but
really nice detail) with the following after-market extras: AFV Stryker upgrade set,
Voyager PEA-096 OVM water/fuel cans, PEA-169 Stryker Antenna Set, PEA-097 Stryker
Fastening Bolts, Griffin L35014 Storage Baskets, Eduard 36091 M1127 Storage Belts,
36615 Additional Armor, 36033 Blast Panels, Trumpeter LAV-III/Stryker Windscreen
6611 $50
LAV-25 Piranha #0349 Box was water damaged, replaced with other box. All parts and
decals are intact and still sealed in Factory Bags. With Armor Scale B35-020 25mm
Bushmaster Gun & Mantlet, S35-001 Antenna Mast for SCR610 Radio, ARMO 35777 Antenna
Wire, Barrel Depot BD35022 M242 Bushmaster Gun, Voyager PE35078, ET Model ER35-018
Resin Wheels $50

Trumpeter KV-1&2 Lot $100 (7 Complete kits)
#0356 KV-1 Small Turret BO/BS
#0311 KV-2 Big Turret BO/BS (2 ea. of these kits)
#0360 KV-1 1942 Lightweight Cast BO/BS
#0359 KV-1 1942 Heavy Cast BO/BS
#1561 KV-1 Mod 1939 BO/BS
#0357 KV-1 Ehkranami BO/BS

KV-1 #3539 BO/BS 2 small parts off sprue but bagged $15

AFV Club
1:700 WWII German Type XXI U-Boat #73501 B/O B/S $15

1:700 UNRYU Carrier BO/BS with Lionroar, Gold Medal Models & Toms PE Sets (ladders,
guns, railings etc.) $25

1:350 Markgraff WWI German BB #S005 BO/BS $25--Pending Payment

Mini Hobby
1:350 USS Arizona BO/BS & USS Arizona Ships Data Book $30

1:72 S-100 Schnellboote BO/BS $20
1:72 S-100 Schnellboote F/S $20
1:225 HMS Campbelltown BO/BS $12

1:700 USS Pittsburgh #5726 BO/BS with Lionroar 5 resin Turrets LE700083 (x2), R7077
USN Boat Davits, Toms #711 20mm gun mounts, #718 PE Set for Omaha, Whire Ensign USN
Doors/Hatches, Corsair Armada PE7001 20mm guns and 1 sprue of Trumpeter clear OS2U
Kingfisher Aircraft (2 aircraft) $45
1:700 USS Washington #5735 BO/BS with Lionroar R7601 Catapults, R7060 US Cranes, R7001
Hanging Ladders, LE700047 20mm Oerlikons, LE700080 USN Radars, Flyhawk 700033 Air
Defense Weapons, Toms 3-Bar Rails/ladders #704, JAG 5/38 Resin Turrets, Master
SM700-022 5/38 Barrels, JBModel 700820 16 L/45 Barrels and 1 sprue of Trumpeter
clear OS2U Kingfisher Aircraft (2 aircraft) $55

1:350 Knyaz Suvorov Russian Battleship #9026 B/O No Bags complete $25


1:24 VW SAMBA Bus BO/BS $20
1:24 Xanavi Nismo GT-R R34 BO/BS $35
Star Trek USS Enterprise with Fiber Optics #8772 B/O B/S $40

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