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Hey Guys,
I want to build Tiger 102 of the s.Pz.Abt. 502 (just after ariving to the troops) using the Initial Tiger I from DML.
So I got a couple of questions:

1. Was the Jack attached on the back as per the Kit instructions?

2. Where was the Jack-block attached? I doubt the instruction on this point.

3. Did it carry a Pz.III stowage box? If so, was it attached in the higher points or the lower points? DML gives you two options.

4. Did it carry spare-tracklinks on the front?

5. Is there anything else i should take care of?

I did a google search but couldnīt find any clear answers on these points, so I hope you guys can help me out.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm no expert on this subject, but for the stowage bin I would just leave it off. When these were delivered, no bin was on the turret. I believe that the bins reached the unit later and were installed at the front. These are the standard Tiger bins, but they seem to be mounted differently, with two brackets on the sides. You could probably use the brackets included in the kit. I decided that I would leave it off, as to show off that cool mammoth on the back The stowage of the tools, and jack, and all the associated crap has me confused too. I would guess that it could be how the instructions have it, but there is a photo showing one Tiger with no jack and all its tools stored on the rear plate. From the research I did on the net, and from my books, it seems that 502's early Tigers are a rather complicated subject. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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As stated in the earlier post, the initial Tigers to the Leningrad area were bin-less.

Local storage bins, if any, were cobbled together and attached where convenient, or cast-off PzIII/IV bins were snagged up.
Later, purpose-built bins (commenly seen on post-Leningrad Tigers) were supplied and used.

DML does a reasonable job of research, and in the absence of shelling out the ducats for some expensive Tiger I ref material to prove/disprove Dragon's research, I'd trust the DML plans for the placement of the OVE.
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As per the info in Tiger I by Jean Restayn book I have that dose cover the 502 tank but 102 is not pictured. But tank number 100 is and it dose not have the storage box or any spare tracks on the front. Also a note in to the fact of the storage bin is the the unit sign was displayed on the back of the turret. Very large on the back I must add. I would scan you some pictures but I do not have a scanner.


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