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PMMS has updated, with boxart for a Flakpanzer I and Panzer IV E 'Vorpanzer' coming from Dragon. I guess if Tristar was doing the Flakpanzer, Dragon had to as well...
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I wonder if it will be as good as Tristar's. They always seem to rush it and make mistakes that could be avoided if they weren't in such a hurry to saturate the market with their product. I wonder how Dragon's Karma will be after continually trying to beat up the small guy? :angry:
Did you see this -
1/35th scale Die Cast Tiger I

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I can't believe that those two were the items for the Dragon/Armorama christmas contest....More German armour...I really German stuff, but it'd be nice to see some new Allied stuff (like an M-3 half-track...I could give that german markings, like in Tunisia lol)....
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I have now decided not to purchase any new Dragon kit until it has been out for awhile to make sure the kit is reasonably accurate.

After getting stung a couple times by purchasing DML kits with major errors that are impossiable to fix, I'll ignore DML's hype and wait for the "nitpickers" to go over the new kits.

It is quite clear to me that DML is doing every thing they can to undercut Tristar by releasing thier version of the Pz1a Flakpanzer and FlaK 38 kits.

Don't get me wrong, I have approximatly sixty DML kits on my shelves inluding two of the Pz1V E kits and for the most part am quite happy with the kits.
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