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Robin Gronovius from Armorama gave me this kit.. added Eduard Etch, JR barrel, and may try Maquette Pz I tracks, cause they look more real than the kit ones..

I posted this already, but it disappeared :-(

new pics.. after a lil painting

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Looking good so far, Charlie. The Elefant barrel, and Eduard PE really look good on this, and make a rough Techmod kit look better.

The shots with the gray primer, followed by the pre-shading look good. Which color do you use for that pre-shading ?

Russian Green shots look goot too, esp with the pre-shading effect.

Modelkasten has a non-workable track set for the T-60/T-70. Its listed on the HLJ site as still availible in their Modelkasten section. Might be worth the Pesos to get them.

Keep up the good work !

Cheers !!

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Looking good Charlie!! Funny little tank though!
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this certainly looks good! How did it build up? I've been working on Techmod's T-50 but I lost an interest after noticing that tracks are horrible.

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