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Dragon Panzer IV G Build notes

Hey guys,
I recently started the new Kharkov Panzer IV G, great kit, but there are a few issues to look out for. I'll point out what I notice as I go.

1. This is important- Do NOT use piece E30! It is listed as an option, but you should really just follow the basic instructions and use piece E19. I glued in piece E30, and found in subsequent dry fitting that it throws the entire upper hull out of alignment when building a vehicle with the welded armor. This is only a difference of probably 2mm, but it will be enough to cause serious fit problems later on due to the tight tolerances and design of the kit.

I was able to pull off the offending piece without major damage to the hull and will rework the area w/ part E19.

2. The dampers on suspension. Part A12 will sit at an angle when assembled as instructed. Doesn't seem right to me, so I cut the mounting tab on one off and simply glued it in place on A11 to sit level. If this is wrong, let me know.

This is a beautifully detailed kit, but it is absoluetly essential that you do dry fitting and fully understand the engineering and build sequence before gluing things!
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