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Old 09-28-2010, 03:00 PM
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Cool Maybe...the Southernmost Pz model being done...

Hi planeters!

...I'd like to share this assembly with yours...it's a Dragon Pz IV H,late model with the super detailing set from Griffon Model...

...it's is being assembled at the Antarctic Brazilian Station...here near the South Pole...maybe the southernmost model being done?...

...me and 25 guys are living and working here since 24th March of this year...we are doing several refits and upgrades at the Brazilian Research Station...

...I intend ,always on my spare time,to post the step by step of my PzIV assembly as well as the amazing images of this paradise...one of the most beautiful places of the world...

...I hope that you like this thread...unfortunately,by logistics problems,I left at my home my painting equipament as well the paints...it was impossible to bring these stuff by air....

...so,let's go to the start...at first,look the model,the super set,my tools and my new "frozen"workbench...hey Chad!...this is the Pz that I told you...very similar to the yours....

...I'll start with the side fenders suports...the soldering job will be a must on this project...

...at this point,I completed the rear section...

...following with the side fenders suports...

...soon I'll continue with the job...so, please,stay tuned...

...and now,some interesting and beautiful pictures of this amazing place...these ones were taken in front of the Brazilian Station...see and enjoy them...

...me and part of my group...on the upper row,I'm the third,from right to left...

Hope you like my start project...see you soon...best!


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Old 09-28-2010, 03:26 PM
chadperkins chadperkins is offline
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nice to finally see this one and the pics of the landscape down there. really some beautiful stuff. the griffon set is pretty nice isnt' it..... interested to see how the fenders go together this way (the way they are intended to be assembled - on the model). I actually built mine completely and then flipped the model over and soldered them to the fender supports and the rear ventilator brass sections. shouldn't make much difference but i wanted to wreck mine up front and figured if i attached them first (they are glued to plastic at the front) i'd probably tear something up trying to bend them. i assembled them and put the inner side in my etch mate to keep them straight and then bent them up. looking good though man. i was nervous about the rear section and sanding all the detail off in favor of the brass connection plates between the upper and lower hull but it really makes it look better with no seems and gives the fender a place to sit for support. let me know if you run in to any problems with the pe set. fyi, i didn't/couldn't use any of the tool brackets, bought aber ones instead. they are too fiddly in the way they are put together (way too many bends) but maybe you can make them work that's my only gripe so far with griffon. anyway, keep us updated, i love watching this since i just did it......
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Old 09-29-2010, 09:45 AM
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Beautiful start Luiz,clean as a whistle.
What do some of the others do in their spare time?

Tony the Mutt
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Old 09-29-2010, 08:11 PM
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Hey Luiz...do you really think it's just MAYBE?

Just how many other stations are further south of you?
Does everyone use Photobucket??!!
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Old 10-06-2010, 06:18 PM
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Nice project Luiz, but.......do all those guys get along all trapped in the same place or are there issues?
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Old 10-12-2010, 10:04 AM
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lupanzer lupanzer is offline
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...working on the fenders...

Dear friends...Chad,Tony,Bob and Serpico,thanks for watching and commenting my thread...

@Tony...on spare time,that are few ones...the guys and gals watching TV,videos,playing cards...etc...modelling only myself...

@Bob...I'm sure to say that there are many Stations more southernmost than ours but I'm not sure if thereis someone modelling like me...it's the reason that of my thread title...

@Serpico...I'm sure to say that there aren't relationship problems with my personel...and we are here since March 24th...I just can say that at this moment we don't known when we will return to our homes...

...and,now,following with the PzIV...

...some pics of the place where I'm living and working,now...belive me a paradise...the most peaceful place...an excelent place to build models...

...at finally,me with my fully tracked vehicle with "ostketten" tracks...

...hope you like,mates,...and till the next step...

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Old 10-12-2010, 11:00 AM
chadperkins chadperkins is offline
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looking good man. really nice and clean so far. i like what you did with the rear fenders, wish i'd have thought of it and not labored over soldering that tiny length of wire along the bottom edge of those inner parts! that's the perfect solution as long as the inner panels aren't to be modelled as bent or damaged. those fenders are really nicely engineered aren't they...... are you modelling any specific vehicle with this? i know the late version that this kit is based on is pretty limited as to reference vehicles. just curious if you had one in mind. I assume you'll be zimming this soon?
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Old 10-12-2010, 01:34 PM
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Old 10-12-2010, 02:55 PM
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So Luiz... Are you building a Pz on the South Pole? Very nice work and pictures!
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Old 10-13-2010, 12:42 AM
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Cool !
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