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Gents. I recently picked up a Tristar 1/35th Flakpanzer I Ausf A kit out of a new shipment that arrived a few weeks ago. This is a really nice kit, and it looks like they may have retooled some parts from both their Pz Kpfw I Ausf A kit, and the 2cm Flak 38 kit. There are alot of parts in a small box ! Nice detail on the parts, and it looks to be an interesting and challenging build.

What I wanted to ask is, if any of you know of any good reference photos out there ? Either in books, and/or online ? I have a good library of books in my own collection, but wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction ?

From what I know, only 24 Flakpanzer I Ausf A's were converted, and all served in Flak-Battalion 614 on the Russian Front from 1941 to about 1943 when they were phased out from attrition.

Anyone else have any other info on the Flakpanzer I Ausf A, or the unit that used them ?

Hopefully this thread will help others with the same questions.

Cheers !!

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Robert, Here's something on the web: http://www.pz1.ru/gallery/categories...d=12&l=english Hope this is a start! Dan
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Cool site Dan.

These are beautiful people baby.....

Opening Laz's World on Ice next summer, no franchises. Just cold ice, and figure skaters, ring side bar service.

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Thanks for that link, Dan. Those are some really good pics of the Flakpanzer I. Some give me some ideas on possible dioramas or at least a setting for the vehicle.

Cheers !!

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Don't know if you've started building this kit yet, but I recently completed one. The kit looks good at first glance, but once you get into it, things kinda go south. I was told it was basically a Tristar Pz.I with their old FLAK 38 kit thrown in there.

Some things to watch out for:

- misnumbered parts in the instructions
- poor fitting transmission assembly
- questionable fit on the visor assemblies
- rear engine plate had a slight gap when attaching to the lower hull
- slight gap where front glacis plate joins the tranny cover/lower hull tub

There were some other minor issues but I can't recall them at the moment. I remember thinking I had wished I waited for the DML release of this kit before I purchased this one.

"Nice f**kin model!"

- Beetlejuice
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