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Old 10-19-2006, 11:57 PM
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Smile Tristar PzKpfw IV ausf C Tweaks

Just saw this new forum and I am adding a tweak list from my PzKpfw IV ausf C build.

Summary of the Tristar Panzer IV ausf C tweaks/fixes

Here is a list of problem areas that I encountered.

1. The bottom of hull on my kit was warped. I dipped in in hot water and carefully bent it to straighten.

2. Careful alignment of the lower side hull panels and bottom panel is needed to ensure that the lower hull is square. This is very important. Any misalignment will mean that the upper hull will not fit! I found this out the hard way and necessitated pulling apart the lower hull and redoing it.

3. The tracks should be replaced. The kit tracks have hollow guide horns but it is not as fine as MK. The kit's guide horns are also too tall and is more suitable for Ausf D/E. The correct MK tracks are SK-57. Currently, MK are the only ones who make the early 38cm tracks with the shorter guide horns. The MK set comes with both short and tall guide horns but there is only sufficient links for both sides. You have to be extra careful not to lose any guide horns or you will not have enough track links. Same goes for the track pins.

4. The sides of the external mantlet does not have ribs that are usually seen in photos. I scribed them by hand but the result is less than ideal. I would suggest to scribe on sheet styrene and replace the side panels. Alternatively, Voyager has released a set for the Pz IV ausf B that has this in PE.

5. The front lip and exhaust vane have short shot problems but can be easily corrected. I replaced them with styrene strips.

6. The cupola lip does not have the eight drainage holes. No existing Pz IV has this. I drilled with a 0.25mm drill bit and enlarged it using a 0.3mm drill bit. To ensure that correct positioning, I made template from card and marked off the points on the cupola. Make sure you drill right through to the other side and that the hole on the other side is sitting on the bottom of cupola rim.

7. The long crowbar on the left rear fender should only have one clasp instead of two. I only noticed this after I glued the crowbar and decided not to correct it.

8. The gun muzzle has four slots. As I have not seen this in any photos I decided to fill them in with putty.

9. I had problems fitting the jack onto the frames. I am not sure whether the jack is too thick. I filed down the crank housing to ensure it fit. The jack from the kit is longer than in shown Ground Power plans. I built the jack from Aber set 35A03, and shorter than in Ground Power. I do not have any measurements on what the correct size of the jack is.

10. About half of the locking rings for the road wheels (part W-3) were loose. To fix this, I jammed tiny styrene strips between the axle and the ring. Just make sure the road wheels do not become skewed in the process. I encountered this problem when I built the separately sold suspension set as well.

11. Comparing against drawings in Ground Power, the front section of the fender is too short on the Tristar kit (the section that has no tread pattern). Aber's new fender has the correct dimensions.

Contrary to reviews, my kit did not have any flash. I believe the short shot problem only affected early batches and should have been rectified for current batches.

In addition to the fixes above, I added the following for better detail:
1. Added L-shaped aerial deflector (check your references as not all Pz IV C had this)
2. Replaced exhaust muffler straps and added Modelkasten retaining bolts
3. Drilled out the sight on the left signal tower
4. Replaced fire extinguisher with one from Elefant
5. Replaced jack rest wood block with real wood
6. Added PE straps and clasps for the jack block
7. Replaced jack base with one from Aber
8. Replaced front and rear fender springs with ones made from 0.2mm copper wire.

As I wanted a quick build, I stayed away from PE clasps. But if you are willing to put in the work, Aber PE set will make a difference.

Feel free to add with your own tweaks.


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