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Painting and weathering

i have a green base coat on the tank. i have airbrushed a lighter shade of green to represent some fading. now here's the question. should i apply filters before using future? and then apply the wash after the future? or should i seal it with future before the filters and wash? my thinking is the filter would have it's greatest effect on the paint without the future AND the future preps the surface for the wash to "behave" better. does this make sense? anyway i'd appreciate everybodys thought on this. thanks.
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Please bear in mind that filters and wash are not the same thing even if the might be very similar.

-What I do:
-Paint base and fade.
-Drybrush lightly.
-Put on Future.
-Aply decals.
-Paint chips, scratches, rust, streaks etc.
-Heavy weathering, dried or fresh mud, dust etc.
-Put on the wash.
-Add filters where needed.

But again, every modeller has his own method.

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From my limited experience....

Filters will work best on a matt surface, so do them before any Future application

Washes do work better on silk/gloss finish, so do them after any Future application (in fact, on a matt surface washes tend to spread out like mad)

Just my ha'penny worth

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thanks guys

i appreciate the unput guys. i'll be experimenting tonight and see how it turns out.
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