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Old 09-16-2007, 09:50 AM
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Oregon Historical Modelers Society Show

Hey everyone...just thought I'd show a few photos of the local show sponsored by my club. I was a judge and so didn't really have much time during the show to take photos of the models on display, but here are some shots of the venue.

We have the show at the Evergreen Air Museum in McMinville, Oregon, which is about 1hr drive SW of Portland. This year we had approximately 400 entries, with entrants from all over the Pacific Northwest including Canada.

A photo of the building which housed the show...a Mig29 welcomes you...along with quite a few other aircraft.

Around Behind the building....a small armor display.

Inside I meet-up with PA guy, Roy Schlicht, who is trying to sell-off some of his stash...including a 3-1 Tunisa Tiger.

...some of the show people...

...and I'll keep this brief, but as quite spectacular air museum..here are just a few examples of what was there...


B-17...the tail of the Spruce Goose hanging over top...

F-4 Phantom

P-38 Lightning

F4U Corsair

Anyway, it's a great place to spend the day hositng a model show.


(ps - I've got a few more shots of the t-34's & T-55 if anyone needs them)


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Old 09-16-2007, 09:55 AM
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Wow, Rick! What an awesome place for a show! Beats a blah hotel ballroom by any stretch. Nothing like being surrounded by inspiration, both real and model. Thanks; it's on the must-see list next time I get out to the great northwest!

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Old 09-16-2007, 04:06 PM
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Nice museum, and some spectacular displays. Thanks Rick.

These are beautiful people baby.....

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Old 09-16-2007, 09:17 PM
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What a day it was. Great weather, tons of kits (to see, to buy, to enjoy). Evergreen seems to add multiple aircraft every year. Indeed nice to have some armor there too. Plenty of room outside still, i hope they add more vehicles.

There were lots of great aircraft, armor, and car kits to see. Some Sci-fi, figures and dioramas as well. Like Rick i spent most of the day judging and helping out, so even if i would have had a camera, it would not have been used much. Great shots of the museum Rick. It does give the folks an idea of what can be seen at the museum.

Thanks to all who came, enjoyed, helped, and most of all to those who brought kits to show.


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Old 09-16-2007, 11:07 PM
schlichtr schlichtr is offline
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It was great top finally put a face on some of the people you meet here on PA. I did get rid of a few of my kits but still left with to many. In a strange twist of fate I actually made my first sale to Rich and Joy of R&J Enterprises (they bought an Italeri M24 Chaffee) instead of them selling me a bunch of stuff. It was a great little show. By the way, they painted those T-34/85s while the show was going on. Now they both sport a fresh coat of dark green paint.

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