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Hi Guys,
I just picked up Academy's M4A2 Sherman U.S. Marines & i have a few questions concerning the kit.

(1) i seem to remember reading somewhere that the marking in the kit are not correct! If so, what are some aftermarket suggestions for markings?

(2) I would like to build the kit OOB(if possible) are there any errors in the kit that need to be addressed?

(3)I have also read that the kit represents a late M4A2.where would these have likely been seen? (Iwo,Okinawa, etc...)

(4)Does the kit turret need the cheek armor added to the kit turret? Both side or just one?

Thanks for any help with these questions.

Joey :lol:
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I'm not an expert, but I'll give it a try

(1) I have a pic of one of the decal options, and the pattern of applique wooden armor is quite different than what's in the kit. So it's more a way of picking your subject and adjusting as needed

(2) Major errors? Well, some of the decal options are no M4A2 but rather M4A3. Check out hardcorpsmodels.com for some ref pics

(3) Yes, it's a late M4A2. If it were an early, it would have small hatches. The M4A2 options, which were actually M4A3 (see (1)) were in service at Oki if I remember correctly

(4) Dont know bout cheek armor. Probably not, since this is a new tool kit, but if needed, you need to add it to righthand side only. This armor was added to make up for the loss of armor inside needed to house turret control equipment. Check usarmymodels.com for a sketch. Its in the articles sectoin

Hope this helps, MartinD
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Next major error is bad type of the links. Marine Shermans used tracks with steel shevron and not with rubber shevron which are in the box!
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That's easy to fix with some aftermarket bits. Kit tracks then can go in the spares box for a nice Normandy Sherman.
But I agree, it's a bit of a let-down by Academy.
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If I am not mistaken the exhaust stacks should face the rear of the tank Not forward like on the box art
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I whant to know if this Academy marines M4A2 can be used as a soviet M4a2...

Thanks in advance

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Yes you can The Soviets used both the 75mm and 76mm versions
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The turret in the kit does lack the thickened cheek armor on the right side forward (right side as if you were the tank cammander looking ahead). You can readily fix this with putty, a sanding stick and a file. There is a really good page on the US Army Models website on how to fix this. I've done the same correction on the Tamiya M4A3 75mm turret and it's pretty easy to do. The website URL is www.usarmymodels.com . Click on the sidebar button under articles and you'll find the page you're looking for halfway down. It says M4A3 but it also applies to the 75 mm M4A2 turret as well. It looks like a great kit that just needs some work to make it a great model. I'm looking farward to building it up too! As far as the track goes, you can get just about any track pattern you want from RHPS. They're molded in styrene and are pretty easy to put together (much easier than the link-to-link Sherman track in the Dragon kits). They also sell duckbills if you want to add them. Among other types they make rubber block (T-51), rubber chevron (T-48), steel bar (T-49), US steel chevron (T-54E1) and British Chevron. According to my references, the wading trucks are oriented correctly but they lack screens and some of the fittings needed to hold them together and to release them. I'm still looking for good references on these details and I will post where I find them if and when I do. Good luck. Chuck
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if this is the sherman with the wadning stacks i have the same kit and have some usfule hints just pm me
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