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Refresh my memory but hasn't Dragon released three version of the production turret type Tiger II? Which one is the most accurate and perhaps what are some of the issues with each.

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Yup...Dragon had their first Production turret from long ago, along with the Porsche, then the 2 somewhat newer releases, that had some re-tooling and a lot of extras (metal gun barrel, p/e...all that stuff)...one of the newer ones is suppose to be in the 'Battle of the Bulge' and the other is a late production, production turret that's in the Ardennes....kind sounds the same lol

This is the only review that I know of...it's for that late production King Tiger....Haven't seen one on PMMS....at least, one that's for a regular King Tiger...

...I'm a KA by God!
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Dragon did the production turret KT, an Ardennes KT, and a Battle of the Bulge KT. I would say your best bet would be the Bulge KT, 6254. The metal barrel has been corrected and 8 FJ troops are included.
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Dragon's Ardennes Kit was the one I was told to get.
Seems thye detailing is sharper and the wheels better detailed than some of their other Tiger II kits. I'm not sure which kits have the improved wheels...

Based on what I've seen of your detailing, you'll probably want to toss the kit tracks and replace'em with Fruils.
The Fruil tracks are excellent! Way beyond the Model Kasten or Dragon.
The undercut on the Fruils is like the real things as opposed to the thicker MKs or Dragons.
The differences aren't too apparent until you mount the spare track links on the turret, or take a close look at the tracks around the drive sprocket.

Take care,

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