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If I ever, ever, ever even suggest about doing this on this site or any other, just shoot me....And I mean it :lol:


...I'm a KA by God!
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................... ..

It shure is impressive and COOL. But I think the zimmerit is too flat and the green is a bit of a wrong shade. Or maybe it just seems like that to me.
But overall I have to congratulate the builder on a job well done.

New Estonian modelling site:

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Yeah and that Tiger can get it's weathering by itself. Just go offroad. :lol: But overall nicely build.

Cheers Mikko
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It's cool...
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Well done to the guy for sticking with the build. I know I couldn't.

There's a bunch of guys who turn up at a couple of the model shows over here in England - Euromilitaire and Duxford - and they bring their 1/6 tanks along and display them. Some of them are pretty good replicas allowing for their functional side and you can see some of the owners keep up to date with Panzer Tracts etc

There was one guy this year at Duxford who'd added a load of battle barbies as tank riders on a Tiger (from memory). Anyway, not only was the tank fully functional and all the barbies have custom made uniforms, he'd also got some servos on a timer in the battle barbies so they were moving their heads and arms! Another guy had an Sd.Kfz 7 pulling an 88.

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omg ... can't belive it .. I don't have that much place where to put it !!!!!
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