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This in my first post here. I'm building a small diorama with a Kv-I I have just completed and whant to add some more figures to it. I'm kinda new to modelling russian armor and would like to know whats availible on the market when it comes to russian infantery in 1/35 scale. I would like them either walking or in relaxed poses.
Im happy for all the help i can get!

/// Henrik
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Here is a site to check out. The figures are by Tank and they are very nice. They make quite a few Russian's walking. I have a few and the casting is very good. Hope this helps. Brock

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DML do a set of Russian Tank riders in plastic, which are very good.
DML site
Miniart do a set of walking infantry and a set of tank riders also in plastic. The poses are good but the figures need a lot of work. You can see them here.
Miniart site
Go to the catalogue page. The newer figure sets such as the tank crews are much better quality
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Hi Henrik
I think the best source is the Russian maunfacturer Tank they had made several russian tankers ond infantry they have a webpage -check i out !
Tank figures
Is it a plasticmodel or ..ooh It is a model !!
Just have fun --Build it!

Best regards

Dan Seifert

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Ya I agree with Dan and Brock, TANK is the best for the poses you want.
Only thing I did with mine was replace the heads with Hornets.
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I have to agree with everyone else about the high quality of the Tank brand figures. I'm buying them up as fast as my model building budget will allow. While we're on the subject, does anyone have a system or mix of colors they use when painting the Russian uniforms? I've just gotten into doing the figures all in oils. I've been able to find some pretty good how to guides on mixing colors for other nationalities, but am still experimenting with the Russians.
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Tamiya has a Russian Assault Infantry that's pretty good although they are not really walking. THey are more like riers disembarking into battle
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I think your search is going to be harder than you expect. I am not to familiure with TANK figures but the others mentioned such as Tamiya's and Dragon's Tank Riders all represent later war troops(Kursk and later). I am assuming you are looking for early war as you mentioned a KVII. It is pretty hard to find decent early war Soviet troops, especially in relaxed poses. I know Verlinden did a couple and Dragon does have a set of Anti-Tank Riflemen that are in early war garb IIRC, two of the four figures are walking and could be modified to carry different weapons or such. Italeri did a couple of sets of early war Soviet troops but these are all quite old and the detail is not up to todays standards and I believe they are all pretty much in combat poses. Good luck.
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