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How do we revive PA?

This site used to be one of the best forums on the whole internet.

I know forums took a hit from Facebook and then from the Photobucket debacle, but things seem to be stabilizing. the facebook groups have their crowds, but Fora have a certain charm all their own, and others, like Britmodeler, ARC, UAMF and International Modeler show that the interest is still there.

So how can we fix this place? I understand new users can't register on this site. Who is the admin? I tried reaching the guy who runs kitmaker network, but he's not responding.

The VBENCH feature is a wonderful thing. Lets not let it die.
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My apologies but I didn't realize we had the new registration problem regarding mail and the image verification issue. I have disabled the image verification as it was old and out of date. And updated the SMTP email settings so email is going out to new folks.

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