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Question about Nbfz [solved]

I know, question is not best "first post" (actually second, but first real ).
Still, i start with question.

I bought this trumpeter kit, (impulse buy, good offer paid just 18 ~15 ~20$)

now i am wondering what type it really is. I have tries to search information about these tanks. I find out that there were two mild steel prototypes Krupp & Rheinmetall and 3 hardened steel versions. And if i understand right those 3 "real" tanks were in Norway in some kind of "frontline" use.

But what i couldn't understand was what model is that trumpeter kit. Is it that first mildsteel version without battle service or might that be one fought in Norway.

And also, if someone has build that kit does it have big issues about detailing and dimesions.


ps. I am very sorry about my English. Foreign languages has always been hard to me.

Edit. I found answers to my questions. This model is another of two prototypes and one of these were sent to norway (pictures). And i found also list of problems in this model.

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Prototype #2

Prototype #2 was sent to Norway as a replacement for one of the others (3 - 5) that was destroyed. So essentially Trumpeter now makes all 3 versions of the Neubahfarhzeug. #1,#2 and #3 thru #5. Dragon does #2 and the #3 thru #5 and Amusing does the #3 thru #5 version only.

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