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hi, well I have a m4a1 (76mm)scale tank from italeri, and I tink pass the model to a british tank in afrika teather.
i dont have a color database of the british camouflages.
and I need a photo o something of the tourret and the mantelet.
I look the mantelet of my tank and is very diferent of the british and the tourret is diferent too, (and is named in my books for m4a1 , shermanII, sherman IIa)

tanks a lot
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Unfortunately (for you and the British tankers at the time) the M4A1 76mm was not used in North Africa by the British or anyone else. They were used in Italy and the Canadians had some (I think) in NW Europe in 1945 when 5AD was transferred from Italy. So you won't find any colour schemes for it in Africa (or if you do, they will be fiction!).

The M4A1s used in Africa were early types with different hulls, suspension, armament and turrets, so you are probably better starting with a different basis - I think resin hulls are the only ones around.
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another cuestion,
the m4a1 used in italy have a diferent path of color? or only the basic olive green?
I see some pictures of a olive green basic with a black ?
the shermans m4a1 76mm britanics in europe have a significative modifications?
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If you're really set on doing one from Africa or Italy, Concord's US Tank Battles in North Africa and Italy would be a good book to get. Some of the 76mm Shermans in Italy late in the war had bright colored bands around the gun barrels for ID purposes. Not sure if they were M4A3's or M4A1's as I don't have the book close at hand right now, but I'm sure you'll find something interesting
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