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Old 10-16-2012, 10:41 PM
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AK Interactive Fall Releases

Hello Friends, we are please to bring to you our latest releases - we hope you enjoy.

AK 403. 1945 German Colors, Camouflage Profile Guide

This book analyzes original, eye-catching color variants and camouflage patterns introduced by the German Army late 1944 as used during the last year of the war, 1945. Throughout the guides 72 pages the modeler will find inspiration for the next project. The book contains more than 180 color renderings showing the many camouflage patterns used on common vehicles, and oddities used by the German forces. Included the reader will find vehicles such as the Panther, Pz. IV, Tiger I y II, Stugs, Artillery Guns, Halftracks and more. A special section of the book will help us interpret black and white photographs, and also a chapter about ?What If? and ?Paper Panzers?. We also include a section where we observe taking renderings to finished models. The perfect complement for new acrylic set AK 554 German Late War Colors.

AK 554. 1945 German Late War Colors Set

At the end of 1944 the German Army introduced new variants in the colors used on their vehicles. Our newest set of acrylic paints is composed of 6 colors designed to represent these colors that are sought after by modelers. For the first time we will be able to paint late war German tanks without complex mixes and hours of research. These paints have been designed in consideration of the Scale Reduction Effect (subtle lighter than actual color), to obtain the correct colors in our kits. These paints are designed to be effective for airbrush and brush and are water-soluble ? avoiding strong smells and harmful solvents.

AK 174. Photo Etch Tarnishing Liquid

Whether used upon brass photo etched parts or metal machine gun barrels, our special tarnishing liquid can be used to change the appearance of new metal finishes to that of darkened steel. This product is highly recommended for use on photo etched parts prior to installation in order to avoid shinny spots from chips and scratches.

AK-421 THE WEATHERING MAGAZINE “DUST" (Dust, Dirt and Earth)

Building upon our world-wide success by selling out Issue #1 of The Weathering Magazine (RUST) in only 3 months, we now bring you Issue #2 of our quarterly magazine. This time we will study the effects of Dust and Dirt using a wide range of products and painting techniques demonstrated by the world’s best modelers. The magazine explai
ns in depth how to apply these effects on all types of models including figures, helicopters, trains, sci-fi …and of course tanks. We will also enjoy again the company of our workmate Akatsya. The modeler will want to collect each issue to create a bibliography of techniques, effects, references and inspiration. If you enjoyed FAQ2, then this is the magazine that you are searching for.

AK 100. US White Stars IN Circles All Scales

AK 102. US Stars All Scales

New reference in our range of Dry Transfers, this time we present white stars as used by the US Army on their vehicles since WWII. Appropriate for use in any era and in all scales. The quality of our transfers is superior to others on the market with more images at less expense.

Military Vehicles In Lebanon

In the 90 pages of their book the modeler will find hundreds of interesting photos full of information and inspiration. In this tragic civil war period there could be seen a large variety of vehicles in use by the different factions displaying many different camouflage schemes. This book will also be of great help not only for a model or diorama set during this period in Lebanon, but it will be a useful reference for ideas in other areas of the Middle Ease such as Syria, Iraq, Egypt or Iran. This book is a necessary resource for modern era warfare enthusiasts.

Panzer Aces 40 (Engish Version)

AK-Interactive is please to become the worldwide distributor of the English edition of the Spanish magazine Panzer Aces. Until now this magazine was difficult to obtain out of the Spanish market despite its great quality. By the hands of the best modelers we will learn though step by step process as they demonstrate their techniques and explain their modeling tips and tricks on a wide range of diverse subjects, all shown in exceptional quality images. This first issue that AK Interactive is distributing will be dedicated to the latest Tamiya kits and Tamiya itself.


High Caliber drinks providing maximum refreshment for bulletproof modeling. Just enjoy the taste and have hours of fun doing models. Perfect for that extra little bit of push in order to complete your models in time for the next show! Enjoy with friends, alcohol free!

Thanks for looking,
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Thanks Rick and appreciate your support here at platearmor.
Keep the updates coming and it will be my pleasure to spread the word about about AK products.


my twitter https://twitter.com/#!/alexwence
my 'Attention To Detail' blog: http://scratch-builder.blogspot.com/
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I want that book.
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