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I usally run window cleaner though my airbrush to clean it up after painting, then take the needle out and wipe it down and let it dry. I use 90% alcohe when I have to get rid of stubborn paint.
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I use a mixture of Lemon Ammonia and Windex. The combination of both of these cleaners turns it a bright green color. I use acrylics which are easier to clean. Very effective on remomving paint from my airbrush. Also if I get paint on my hands I can use my mixture to clean the paint off my hands, then I wash my hand with soap and water.

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Originally posted by DOJO@Mar 26 2005, 08:34 PM
How about doing safety tips for modeler?
As this post shows that not many of us know the safety.
Do a search on google with "toxic" and "modelling". There are a bunch of good articles out there.
Sand wet, use respirator and/or booth (the paint particles linger in the air for a looooong time, endangering you and your loved ones), have ventillation when using glue, etc. And don't leave the stuff out for kids to reach...
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