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Devil Over the Atlantic Pigments and Paints

DOA Pigments and Paints now available!

Professional Water Based Paints!

For years, I dreamed of an inexpensive, water-based hobby paint that could be used with an airbrush directly from the bottle. Since I could never find one, I decided to develop my own!

These high-quality, automotive type paints can be sprayed directly from the bottle with no thinning. If you wish to thin, however, just use tap water! These paints clean easily with tap water, are very easy on equipment and dry rock hard!
DOA Paints can also be mixed with water-based acrylics to change the shade but once dry, a clear varnish is needed to then be able to spray acrylics on top. Oil-based paints work fine without varnish, as do others colors of the Red Devil Brand. If you are masking, it does help to spray a varnish over the paint and then let dry over night.

I have three colors available: Faded German Dark Yellow, Forrest Green and Red-Brown...all the colors you would typically need to paint most military vehicles. Red Devil Paints can also be mixed to make different shades such as Olive Green, Light Brown, etc.

Ok, and now for the kicker...have you ever calculated the cost per ounce of your more popular brands of store-bought acrylics? Let me do it for you...a 1/2 ounce bottle of a very popular brand sells in my area for $3.50+tax. That equates to about $7.52 PER OUNCE or $15.04 for two ounces!

My paints are sold in TWO OUNCE BOTTLES. That's four times as much as the more popular brands with the added advantage of door-to-door service. No running back and forth to the hobby store burning up time and gas!!

The set of three sells for $30.00 plus $3.50 in shipping costs. That's five dollars and ounce! Plus you save on time and gas by purchasing in larger quantites.

You've gone to the hobby shop on a "paint run" dropped $20.00-$30.00 bucks..for what? Three ounces of paint????

Purchasing DOA Paints will save you time and money in the long run. You will not be dissapointed in the quality. I have 35 years of modeling experince and this is the paint I have always dreamed of using.

Larger quantities and special orders are available. Just drop me a line with what the amount and color you are interested in. PM me or go to http://www.blmoore.com/ and click the "contact" button to email.

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