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russian sniper, Stalingrad 1942

Dear gents,

Anotherone of my scratchbuildprojects is a Tamiya-built russian private in Stalingrad-debris, glancing through an enemy scoped Kar98.
For this project, I used 2 tamiya-kits; russian assault troops and russian tank crew.

the 3-part buildup...

...these parts combined in 2004 gave...

...some correctionworks at the dioramabase in 2006; by adding polystyrene, I gave the base a better appearance and gave the soldier a more protected position.

...and here how it looks now in 2007...a lot of things to do...

A lot of things need to be done. Flash, glossy surfaces and painting. Hints and tips are warmly welcome.

there will be more later.
greet Frank

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Looks great Nice touch with the hand


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Good work. The extra debris sure makes a difference!!

"A model is a terrible thing to waste!"
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nice work! I like the arm
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