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Here's more photos from Kubinka... It's a russian postww2


"Monsters"? :lol:

Rocket tank..

Very....... low tank

"Overtracked" tank :lol:

IS 5 (not sure, have to check it out)

I have another photos of the same tanks if somebody interested in.. (and not the same too )
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More please!
New Estonian modelling site:

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Add what? ))) The same tank's photos or other photos?

AND a bit of info

FIRST - Tank with short gun

It's IT-1 Rocket tank

weight - 35tonns
crew - 3 men
turret front armor - 200mm
hull front armor - 100
main weapon - Antitank guided missles "Dragon" (15 rockets)
engine - 580 hp
speed - 50 kmph

SECOND - "Low tank"

Sorry i can't clearly say what's this.. i'll try to add this info later.. Looks like it's experimental prototype..

THIRD - Tank with lots of track onboard

IT calls - OBJECT 279 heavy tank

crew - 4 men
weight - 60 tons
turret front plate armor - 305mm
hull front plate armor - 270mm
gun - 130mm M-65 main gun
engine - 1000hp
speed - 60kmph

LAST photo - Huge tank it's

an IS 7 heavy tank.
weight - 68 tonns
crew - 5 men
turret front - 210mm
hull front - 150mm
rear armor plate - 100mm
hull sides - 100mm

130mm C-70 main gun
two 14.5mm machine guns
SIX(!) 7.62 mm machine guns

1050 hp

speed - 60 kph (!)

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