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Dragon Sd.Kfz. 164 Nashorn - Büffel oder Haifisch


I thought I'd start a new project since I only have 2 unfinished awaiting.

Dragons Nashorn premium kit 6314.

I always liked the Nashorn, but it's a opentop vehicle, hence lot of interior detail that needs attention.

Allthough the Dragon kit is very good I intend to to use loads of aftermarket stuff:

Lionroar Armorplates
Lionroar PE
Lionroar barrel
Friul tracks
Tristar wheels and boogies
Armorscale MG34 Barrel
Griffon Model Ammo boxes and belts

I'm planning on doing one of the following 2 vehicles:

A vehicle from s.H.Pz.jg.Abt 88 painted in hard edged cammo.

the units symbols of s.H.Pz.jg.Abt 88 I intend to make (print) myself.

The other option is a vehicle from the s.H.Pz.jg.Abt 519, namely Albert Ernst's vehicle named Büffel. This vehicle is depicted in whitewash, so I might go for a summer scheme for this, as everybody seems to do whitewash on their Nashorns now a days.

So far I have assembled the Tristar boogies and attached them to the hull.

I still await the lionroar sets to arrive.
More to follow


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