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Speckly texture when airbrushing

I'm not a life-long expert with the airbrush. I've built only about a half dozen AFV models but I've noticed something that is starting to get on my nerves.

When ever I spray normal non-glossy top coat paints in typical armor colors (olive drab, Russian armor green, German gray, sand gelb, etc), I can get a nice fine spray, but when I do flat black, I have a terrible time getting the spray to be fine enough to feather it for the effects I'd like to create. For example, if I want to blacken an area around the exhaust to look like exhaust soot, the finish comes out too speckly to look real.

I attached an example. It's easiest to see the speckling on the yellow above the muffler exhaust.

In fact, even when I do under shading to selectively darken areas of a top coat, you can sometimes see the speckling effect through the top coat (admittedly, it's not real obvious, but I notice it).

I'm using Testors Model Master Enamel and a Paasche VL airbrush. I've tried thinning the paint more (using enamel thinner) and varying the pressure to no avail. I seem to have no trouble with any color except flat black, but then I don't generally feather other colors in the way I've been doing with flat black. I'm wondering it the flat texture is what's making it difficult to use. The other paints are non-glossy, but I don't think they have the extreme flat texture that the black has.

Perhaps I should use gloss black (which I haven't tried yet) and just rely on the final clear flat sealer to dull the finish. I don't always seal the model with dull coat, though.

Anyway, comments and suggestions are welcome.
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