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Originally Posted by greybeard View Post
Saúl !! Bulgarian? You mean I'm not the only one building wierd stuff? I have a Hungarian PzKpfw 38(t) and a Romanian R-2 (Škoda LT vz35) on the go right now, and when I saw this I immediately thought Finnish!
Oddball stuff is what I like! Before having to start over, my StuG III collection included:
Ausf.E Soviet
StuH Ausf.F Bulgarian (however, the chassis number may actually be for a StuH Ausf.G
Ausf.G Elephant markings
Ausf.G sharkmouth
Ausf.G Finnish (followed along Brett Green's Bubi)
Ausf.G Hungarian

Fortunately, I kept all the unbuilt kits so my stash is still fairly healthy in size (at least 6 each of StuG and Pz.Kpw.III).

I will build the Elephant family again as Wild Poppa, the Jagdpanzer IV with same markings (seen in PanzerWrecks 4) as Captured Momma, and Tamiya's Jagdpanzer 38 as a dead Baby (based on a photo in Bill Auerbach's Last of the Panzers book).


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