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Hi, here with another update on the Dora build, started to work on the bridges connecting the cars.
Here one of the bridges, very nice details, even the welding on the sides is all there.

First the PE wire mesh is installed

Next the small 2 steps ladders are constructed, they made the ladders with only double tubes
As steps, in my opinion and after looking all over the book I don’t think it is right. So with balsa wood I constructed the steps for each ladder.

In this photo you can see what I mean by double tubes steps, and the new wood step

The finished ladder looks way better with the wood steps

Now the storage boxes on front of the cars are modified, the hinge details are too big, so with a
Small file I sanded it down to a more to scale size.

Now that the hinges are resized I added details and latches to the small access door on top of the box

Also handles made with copper wire

The other box is detailed also

The strange looking locking system is my interpretation of it after melting my eyes looking at the photos on the Taube book

Some rivet details were added with archers resin rivet detail decals

Here the ladders and boxes in place

Now I moved to the installation of the hand rails, as you can see this are way too tall, to the trumpeter figure body it is up to his chest.

I’m thinking between cutting it down to the correct high or replacing it with brass rod.
Thanks for watching
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