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Dora 1/35

Hi to all, here is my next project, the massive Dora kit. I always wanted one since I saw the add on the pages of finescale modeler, but the price was too high. Then it got even more expensive due to its shipping weight. Finally after 8 years my dream came true, I Got it for $560 including shipping from Germany and Here it is, 35+ pounds of plastic, 3200+ parts including PH and aluminum rails.

I’m a happy modeler

Compared to a tiger box

Also have the excellent book by Mr. Taube for reference, the decals from peddinghaus
And the aluminum shells from Mr. Schatton

Here the giant shell compared to a trumpeter figure body

Opening the big box you encounter the instruction book and five boxes numbered 2-6.

Each box has its number and the information of the bags inside and the parts inside each bag

Here are some of the boxes and its parts, all the boxes are full to the top

And the bag of screws

Each bag has all the info on its contents and the box it belongs to

So the work started by fixing one of the mayor problems on the kit, the cars, they did 4
Long cars instead of the 8 smaller cars that Dora had. It will be impossible to turn in a real radius with the cars as they come. So to fix it you have to cut the cars in half ending
With 8 five axle cars, two for each end of the main mount.

Here the sides and top parts of one of the cars ready to be cut
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