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Hi again!

As the hull is together and most of the interior finished, I'm continuing with roof.

I'm planning the middle section of the roof to be detachable, so I added 2 magnets on both sides of the cabin walls. Sometimes glue doesn't hold magnets enough and they tend to fall of, so I secured them with Tamiya Epoxy Putty. Roof itself has steel strips added to the respective corners.

To deal with the large part of upper deck, I first removed plastic fenders and then cut the piece in three.

Here are the upper section of roof glued on to model and Voyager etched fenders added.

And here are the fenders gently beaten up.

Fenders had to be secured underside using styrene angles on inner edge. In real life there were no such supports and I hope to hide these under the mud or something like that.

The detachable section has been glued together of five pieces. I added weld details using Archer's resin weld beads. I also replaced original bolt detail with flush screw heads on the edges. Headlight guards had to be made of scratch because the ones in Voyager set are 1mm too high and look off. Antenna base is from Aber too.

The inner side of the roof is detailed with welds and bolt heads. Its not accurate, but should be enough to look convincing.

And that's how it sits on its place. Even though the lower corners aren't held by magnets, the upper part holds it quite firmly.

The rear lights are molded in one piece to hull details and are opaque. I figured I could do better by drilling these out and replace them by transparent ones made of transparent sprue sections.

Here's the overall look to the model right now. I have few question marks concerning the antenna used on real vehicle. To make rear ramp openable with its cables, has to be figured out as well.

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