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Resurrecting the Stuart-project

Hi everyone,
Back from month's of silence on this project. I continued to build the inside of the fighting compartment following the few pictures found on the net and using my fantasy on the other parts. I used Eduard PE for the interior but not too much (yet).

The back wall was re-built from ABS and the radiator was tried-to-build from thin styrene rods. I will be hardly visible when fully built however.

After wiring and building boxes for different mysterious purposes. Also built a very simple simulation of the driving mechanism, it looks awful but will not be visible, so I'm not worried

I tried to build something like the original seat-mechanism, but it is quite far from it. Anyways, I like it...

And last: etched instrument panel and dry-fit seat and the lower half of the ammo rack. I decided to use 1mm rods painted to brass colour to simulate the ammo as it would cost a lot to buy Armorscale brass ammo (and it won't be visible really) and I could not manage to copy my Verlinden resin ammo set...

That's what I did in the last few days with little free time to sit down modelling... paralel with it I started the Panzerbefehlswagen I (Dragon), pics from that project coming soon

thanks for looking here, cheers,


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