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Originally Posted by chumpo View Post
It's because they post more on facebook .
Which is really a crying shame for the hobby. I am not saying Facebook isn't useful for connecting with friends and family, but as a online resource it is just about useless. I challenge anyone to search Google for "How to Airbrush Camo patterns" and get ANY results from Facebook. It's just not their thing. Facebook is like the daily newspaper. Worse it's like a daily newspaper that is never archived and put online for people to search.

People will hopefully wake up one day and realize that Facebook and Twitter are not all they are cracked up to be, but until that day happens sites like PA and Armorama will still be around to share photos, news, ideas, and questions.

As someone who has been online since 1992 and seen a lot of long-lasting fads, trust me Facebook won't be the end-all, be-all of the Internet in 5-10 years. My daughter for example at 15 thinks FB is stupid.

Now... about Planet Armor. As many of you know Alex had been doing a great job keeping the site primed and posted many threads of his own projects, etc. Of course Alex is not purely an Armor/AFV guy so it stands to reason he is not as active here as in the past. It was his energy and that of many of you guys that kept the site fresh. We still have people posting blogs and news and of that I am grateful, but without leadership no site grows. It's sort of like a garden. You need to tend it.

So... we need some new moderators or content editors who really want to see this community grow and continue to provide an alternative to other sites out there. This site still gets about 10k unique visitors per month. As you may note that is down from the 18k number I used in that right side ad I put up after taking over the site. So yeah we have taken a hit user wise. Still... 10k is a lot of folks and a lot of potential. Most new sites would kill for 2k.

If you are interested in being a pro-active moderator or someone who edits or adds new content to the site, contact me.

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