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Valentine Mk.IV | Lend Lease One | MiniArt 1:35

Hi there,

Its been a while since my last post here
but thingz had gone so slow in my life,
that making an another dead workflow thread
hasn't made any sense...

but finnaly I hope I back to old good modeling road.

Part One | The build

Chapter one | The model

The model is new Miniart kit no 35092
I bough it just because I have some spare Friultracks
it reprasent Mk. IV Lend Lease version of Valentine tank,
(attached file shows orginally one of model paintings)

Box contains classic grey sprues with tank parts as well as 5 figures,
small PE and decals and I must say it looks like a standart these days.

When You inspect the box the parts appear to be clean and crispy (really),
and looks suprisingly well, and thats why I decided to make it as OOB model,
with only addition of mentioned Friultracks and maybe some stowage.

Chapter two | Hull and suspension.

So far gluing the hull and suspension (wheels) was a bit tricky...
The really hard candy is to keep symetry and geometry in all dimensions
mostly because of poor engineering for parts connections.
I can only guess how inbox single track links works
combining with this suspension but definatelly can add
day or two additional work

So far model beats me 2:0

Chapter three | Conclusion

For sure I need to finish this one before I get new AFV club model.
And If I can give an advice - wait for AFV club model too.
I am sure it will be a bit better engineered plastic kit
with not so much more money involved - and the boxart version is also supercool.


PS. As long as I do this OOB the historical and tehnical matters are not the issue
but if somebody see some "problematic" areas I'll be happy to know and maybe fix it.

PS2 . Sorry bout my english . Hope at least the phots speaks well.
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