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Got new stuff yesterday.

Jaguar Elefant interior (so no more excuses not to make any progress on the Elefant blog) it's much better detailed than the Verlinden interior but the molds are not too good anymore. Some parts need to be worked over a lot.
Lincoln County Line Gebirgsjäger figure (which is very nicely detailed but way too big for 1/35th in my opinion)
armorscale M242 25mm chain gun barrel for Bradley / LAV-25. I actually just needed the resin mantlet for my Bradley and the Barrel Depot fluted M242 barrels which I got earlier.
Lion Roar copper beams... I think it's cheaper to get such things from a hobby store but I was too lazy
And finally some "real" Future as presents from friends who were in the US recently. It's going to be interesting to find out if the original is really better than the stuff we can get here in Europe.

Misses modelling.
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