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Originally Posted by Larry Bates View Post

Johannes, that's some haul! here's a tip for defense against bottle tipping over sickness. Especially good for liquid glue. Use whatever your favorite permanent glue is, and take a used, bad, scratched or what ever cd, glue the base of the bottle to it , I like using epoxy, and you'll never tip that over.

Nice idea, thanks

And because the Voyager set is sooo nice I decided to go get the kit for it today, lol.

But as always, it did not work out as planned. Every time I visited this store, there was a Tamiya Leo 2A6 laughing at me from the shelf but when I got there today, no 35271! Arghs! So I was frustrated and instead of saving money, I picked up this.

So long

Misses modelling.
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