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New modelling goods

Here's my haul from earlier this year at a modelling show near Frankfurt (Main). When I got back home I was shocked how much I spent in a few hours (on the first day of the show I didn't buy anything, but in the closing hours the day after... ouch).

After this I decided not buy more this year, but you all know that drug called modelling and new kits, don't you ?

So this arrived today from the Netherlands...

Initially, I just wanted to buy the Barrel Depot M242 barrels because I could not find them anywhere in Germany. But then I saw the really cheap Voyager PE for the Leopard 2A6 and so it got me started...
And because I managed to tip over my Micro Set bottle two times in a row, another one was ordered. At least I also got the US machine gun set for my Italy diorama now.


... and another order has already been placed ...

Misses modelling.

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