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Hi, mech. Thank you for your comment.

That's an excellent gallery you have there. And the fact, that most of the models are heavily or totally scratch built is hands down impressive. Very nice and thorough collection of different types of LVT too. The AFV Club kit is excellent in detail- and engineering wise and seems to be correct at most parts as well.

I have few photos of vehicles with early armored cab without machine gun, but with co-drivers hatch moved backward, so AFV Club was basically correct there. There were so many different cab variants and different additional armoring variants that it's somewhat confusing.

Since you seem to be familiar with LVT family, I would be glad if you'd give your opinion on co-drivers hatch on the BW photo above. All the early cab LVT's seem to have periscope and its plexiglass dome on the front of the hatch. But on the photo I 'm not able to spot it there. It seems to be in the middle of the hatch (like in later version cab) instead. Did they have different types of hatches on early cabs that had different periscope positions? Or is it possible, that the hatch was replaced with late type hatch for some reason?

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