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The bases are assembled

A dry fit test to make sure it aligns ok

The floor is made with .20 styrene sheet measuring
42.5 x 65mm, then a cut out of 20.5 x 23 deep is made
Leaving 10mm from one side and 12mm from the other
You need to do the other side like mirror as its left
and right sides

The floors are glued to the bases and another dry fit

The sides reinforcements are made with 2.5 x3.2mm styrene strip
1 piece 65mm long and 3 small pieces of 7.5mm long

Finally forming mesh is used for the platform floor

The tools on the support pillars of the main platform are changed
I did not like what I did the first time so I completely removed
It and using .80 styrene I made the new wrenches

This is what I did the first time, just the tip of the tool

The molded tools are removed

The new ones are made measuring .80 x 19mm long

Styrene channel of 4.8mm is used for the securing latch

4 pieces of 2mm are cut
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