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hexagonal styrene rod is used to make the bolts that secure it to the base

Another area that needs to be corrected is the hook on the trunnions
This are too small compared to the original ones

Here is the original hook

And the kits one…see any difference?

the drawings of the approximate size of the hook, a piece of 3mm styrene
5 x 15mm long is used, the base is .75 styrene sheet measuring 2 x 22 x 17 x 9mm

The hooks are glued to the bases and used acrylic putty to
fill the joint

After sanding the putty a coat of grey primer and its ready to be glued in place

Here a comparison of the original with the new one

It looks like this now, a super improvement over the original

Next the chains for the lower floor of the trunnions are made
Using 30 links per inch small chain, I used a very thin copper
Wire to tie it to the support tubes

After a base coat of paint it can be better appreciated

The last addition to the trunnions are two platforms at
the end of the stairs, I first saw this on another Dora build
from 2007 and after looking through my reference I found two
photos that shows a platform on that area, so I did the same
design he used

Here are a couple of photos showing a platform

I used two pieces of .20 x 10 x 65mm long styrene sheet for the sides
One .20 of 10 x 33.5mm for the back and one .20 10 x 32mm for the center

All the parts are cut to size

A line is made at 18mm to make the diagonal cut
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