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This is my interpretation of the system, the long sloped part on top I think is some kind
Of Brake pedal as it looks connected to the cable on the middle

Glue a piece of 2mm styrene of 4 x 5mm in the middle of the front part of the elevator
And drill a .85 hole on the center

Next I glued two pieces of 6 x 18mm long channel to each side

Now the wheels are glued in place

A piece of 3 x 24mm long channel is used for the brake pedal, it is sanded at an angle
At 8mm in one end, a piece of .85 soldering wire is glued from one wheel to the other

The hand rails are glued back in place and a verlinden resin bolt is glued to each wheel

the wheels are modified by adding a .50 styrene disk 5/8 in diameter and a center
hole of 1.95mm

the disks are glued to the back of each wheel to make the lip that keeps it
on the track

then four matching holes are made to each wheel

it looks like this now

And the finished elevators, now with enough room for the figure

The mods on the elevators now made me change the main platform to match the
New shape of the rails and to accommodate the extra length of the carts, so that is next.

Thanks for looking!
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