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28mm longer

The new rails for the carts are made with 1 x 4mm styrene strip and are
Now a single rail and not a channel as it comes in the kit

In this photo you can see the rails and are a single rail and not a channel

This are cut to 2.5mm wide

With the rails in place the floor is made with the forming mesh

The hand rails and the top are glued back

After studying the photos of the elevator area ”I think” these are wheels to aid in the
Side to side movement of the cart to align it with the munition car

To make the wheels I used a 4.8 x 1.55mm long styrene tube with a 2.38 x 2.45mm long
Styrene tube inside it

Cut 4 discs of the 4.8 tube, 1.55mm long

Cut 4 2.38 x 2.45mm tubes and insert it inside of the 4.8mm tube

Using photo eched leftovers of 2.8mm wide make four -4 x 4 x 4mm u shape brackets to hold the wheels, the total length should be 12mm not 10.38 as in the drawing

It should look like this

Now this parts I believe are a brake system for the wheels, again using photo eched
Leftovers of 2.35 x 8mm long, bend one end at 3mm in u shape, this is the end
Where the cable connects

Glue one to each wheel, make sure it faces the other when placed side by side
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