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HI! Time for another update, doing the lasts modifications to the back area of the main platform, this time Iím working on the elevators. This are modified to better look like the original ones.
First a correction note on the elevators pulleys, the hook lock was on the outside of the hook
But it actually goes on the inside. Thanks my friend for pointing it out!

The hook lock is shortened and moved to the inside of the hook

With that corrected I started to work on the elevators
On the original elevators there was enough space for a soldier to be on behind the cart.

As you can see the kits elevators are too short to accommodate a figure with the cart

I started by removing the squares on the sides of the platform support, this should be the
Wheels that runs along the elevator channels

Squares removed and the area sanded smooth

The wheels are made with 1.5 styrene with a ľ diameter punch

Now it looks like this

Now time to fix the platforms, all the details are sanded off

The extension parts are made with .80 styrene sheet

You need four 14 x 40mm pieces for the tops
Eight 7 x 14mm pieces for the sides and
Four 7 x 40 pieces for the front

With this parts you add 14mm to each side of the elevator

Glue the 14 x 40 part to the top and the two 7 x 14 parts to the sides

Finish with the 7 x 40 on the front

Here you can see the difference now

28mm longer
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