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Using the dremmel I removed the plastic to the new shape

Next a piece of .40 styrene sheet is cut to shape and glued in place

I used a PVC coupling and rubber bands to hold the styrene in place until the glue dries

After sanding the edges smooth it looks like this

Now the curves match

After finding the center I drilled a 15/64 hole

Two disk are made with the punch, one 2mm and 4mm

The disks are glued together

I used a 5.3mm washer and glued the disks to it

It is now glued to the block

A 10mm hole is made and an 8.5 mm disk is glued in it with two small holes at the bottom

Now it all looks like this

This is a long update, a lot has being made and closing to the painting stage.

Thanks for looking

"Don't be afraid of the model,it's you the one holding the knife"

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