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Two small valves? Are simulated with verlinden bolts

The control level is made with styrene rod, brass tube and styrene disks. I think it is a control level
But it also looks like a socket wrench, so again is my guess.

There are lifting cables stored on the ram base, so I made the cables with picture wire and tape

Here the cables are placed on the side of the base

Some reference photos

The wheel at the back of the base is installed and it received handles made from cooper wire

With the ram base finished I started detailing the breech block

Here is the breech block assembled, the two cranks rods at each side are too short and need to be
Replaced so that the handles can clear the sides of the block.

Here is the fix

Now the breech bar receives some details, the edge needs to have the same curvature as the shell hole

With the breech closed I marked the circumference of the hole

Then moving the block to the center I marked the new curvature

Here are the two marks
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