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HI to all, work on the ram base continues, the two rail pieces on the loading platform are removed as this parts goes attached to the ram body and not to the loading platform.

The loading platform

The rails are cut flush

Using a piece of channel the new rail pieces are glued to the ram base, a piece of styrene rod 10mm x 3.3 dia. is used to support the back of each rail.

The channel is glued so that when the platform is in the raised position the rails are almost touching the platform and aligned to the rails on the platform.

Now the side of the ram base gets some missing detail, a piece of styrene in the shape of U is made and
Glued to each side.

Next the second cut is done at 19mm, and the final cuts 10mm up from the center line

Here the two cut parts

The parts are glued to each side of the ram base

Verlinden resin bolt heads complete the details

The reference photo

All the closed holes are drilled out on each side

Now I started to make the control box? And pipes on the ram base

The box measurements are a guess looking at the photos of the area, I made it 5x5x8mm

The box is made from square styrene rod and styrene disks used where the pipes connect to it

Next the pipes are made from copper wire and glued in place, two 3x3x8 blocks are glued under the ram
Base and pipes connected to it.

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