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HI friends, time for another update, more modifications are made in different areas of Dora,
Continuing with the ladders, the front and interior ladders are done, again using 1.5mm brass rod

This are the side balcony ladders measurements that I forgot to include in that post, so here it is

Here are the new interior ladders with measurements and the original for comparison, two are needed

Now the front access ladders
The first bend is done in the corrected angle

Note the difference with the original

The second bend is done

Next the steps are soldered to one side first and then the other side is soldered

Comparison with the original and the new measurements

Now the loading platform hand rails are modified again on the area around the elevators, after researching photos I noticed some differences and noted some hand rails are completely missing also on this area

The end of the hand rail is removed and the new short section added on each side

Here you can notice that the end of the rail base is longer, the last connecting point is in the air, so using a piece from the generator catwalk I added a strip to make the floor the same length so the corner rail pieces can be installed

Next the parts that complete the corner are soldered to the new short rail

Now more sections of rail are added around the elevators area, not made on the kit parts

Here the new rails can be seen in place

I now started to work on the loading ram and its base, it is modified and detailed
After studying the ram parts and loading table I concluded that the measurement on the kits ram tubes is the wrong number of sections and too short to load the shell completely into the breech, here I dry fitted the parts.
As you can see the ram is too short to completely load the shell

It is supposed to pass through the breech and into the barrel
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